daycareWe understand that people live very busy lives and most cannot bring their dogs to work. As a result, many dogs are left home all day and when owners arrive home, they are often unable to give their dogs the exercise and training they need.  As a result, dogs can develop a wide variety of issues that strain the bond between owners and their pet. Dogs that come to K9H for daycare go home exhausted from a full day of exercise, training and socialization. This is the key to a well balanced and happy dog.

Our daycare guests are supervised exclusively by dog trainers who always reinforce good behavior while providing a structured daycare program that is designed to ensure that all dogs get plenty of exercise and the appropriate socialization with other dogs.   We group dogs based on their play styles, likes and dislikes. We understand that not all dogs like to roughhouse or play chase, some just want to be near a person. No matter what your dog’s likes or dislikes, we can make the experience fun and enriching. While at daycare dogs can also get a bath and a nail trim.

Another great part of sending your dog to K9H for daycare is the fact that we are staffed by trainers. So if you want to get your pup enrolled in obedience training we can train your dog while they are with us during the day. When you pickup we will give you a tutorial on what we covered with your pup and assign you homework, yes, homework!  Many of our clients don’t see K9H merely as a doggie daycare, they see us as a school for their dogs. Even clients who don’t opt for a training package tell us that their dogs behave better because of the structure that our staff provide.



What do I have to do to get my dog started at K9H for daycare? 

To get your dog enrolled in our daycare program all we need are the veterinarian records reflecting that your dog is up to date on all vaccinations including a Bordetella vaccine. We can contact your veterinarian and have the records faxed to us. The only other thing we will need is to have some forms completed. The  bulk of the forms can be completed online by clicking on the online forms tab. We will need a signature on a couple of forms on the first day of daycare.


Daycare Rates

Single Day: $27.00

10 Day Pass: $240.00

20 Day Pass: $440.00

Unlimited Monthly: $350.00

Half off any package for second dog!